A country becomes more interesting and develops more quickly when its population includes a mixture of nationalities. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

With the advent of digital transformation, people nowadays can almost do anything online, ranging from buying groceries to booking flight tickets. Due to the increasing popularity, many global organizations are investing their resources to bring


advancements in


field. I firmly believe that the positive results of


practice outweigh the few negative outcomes.


of all, almost all people are using the internet on their mobile phones, computers, etc. If they can buy the necessary things with a single click of a button,


there is nothing harmful in it.


practice gives people the ease of buying things online without wasting time and


reduces the hassle of going in-person to buy those things. To understand the advantage, consider the example of booking flight tickets online versus booking in-person by going to the company office. Obviously, it will save your time, effort, and money.




trend can be beneficial for the employment sector as it can provide more opportunities for the people of the community. For any company to get its product online, an application is required to be developed by professional developers, and


to deliver


product it will need a force of delivery professionals. In


way, many employment opportunities can be generated eventually. Many argue that online delivery is the monopoly of large corporations, but the government is taking steps to increase competition and create the same level playing field.

In my opinion, there are more benefits from the increasing popularity of online shopping than suppressing the practice. By efficient management and steps, the current advantages can be multiplied in the future for the betterment of society.

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