A friend you made while you were studying abroad has written to ask you for help in finding a job in your country. You have heard about a job in a local company that might be suitable for him/her. Write a letter to this friend. In your letter – tell your friend about the job and what sort of work it involves – say why you think the job would be suitable for him/her – explain how to apply for the job

Hi, Bob

It_s been a long time since we



Well, I_m writing in response to your letter & to share some good news for you because you_re long been waiting for a job in Canada as an Account and Finance Manager.


, I_d like to tell you some important info about the nature of business


, what would be involved


as tasks and duties.Ok, let me explain


Khawaja Textile is a well-reputed company in Canada that involves the manufacturing of yarns and related stuff.The company need promptly a person who have ACCA qualification with vast experience.it_s a managerial level job you_ve to manage prepare accounts in the addition to the tax return of that group.

According to my point of view, that job is well-fitted to your academic and experience requirements.


, the business will provide you with accommodation and transport services as well. but


insurance coverage.


, I_d like to inform you about the procedure for the application You_ve to create an account on the company website and the web address is www.khawajatextile.com and after successful completion of the sign-in , the process you should_ve to upload their documents in PDF format and wait for a week to process for hiring.

Best of luck and looking forward to hearing from you soon and hit to Canada land.


Shaban Raza

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