A government has a responsibility to its citizens to ensure their safety. Therefore, some people think that government should increase on defense but spend less on social benefits. To what extent do you agree?

Some people hold a view that the government should increase defence expenditure and cut down spending on social welfare. I partly agree with


It is understandable why people believe that the state should give priority to the forces budget. In some specific cases, maintaining security is an initial obligation because it lays a solid foundation for the stability of a country.

For example

, archipelagoes are usually invaded so military in those places should be invested to avoid any possible war.


, when social unrest breaks out, nobody cares about social benefits but their safety. It is obvious that when war happens, most everybody could become the main target of being massacred, or even, killed.

As a result

, a great number of individuals deem that a huge proportional budget should be allocated to the security system to secure themselves from external factors.Only after we ensure we have a sufficiently strong national force can we turn to the important domestic issues that merit our attention.


, it is still believed that state expenditure should


be spent on key sectors.


and foremost, the authorities need to invest money in social welfare,


as healthcare, education, or recreational, to provide benefits to citizens. Lack of social benefits could seriously do severe damages to its residents. Take North Korea as an example, due to the lack of administrative attention, a huge number of impoverished children and miserable beggars are living from hand to mouth.


, people pay taxes to bring the parliament into existence and maintain its operation.


, they deserve to get all services which generated from that.


amount of money should be used for providing social welfare, which bring about social benefit.
In conclusion, both defence spending and social expenditure should have equal government priority.

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