Advancements in technology have been give rise to environmental problems. some people believe that in order to solve environmental problems, people need to live simpler lives. However, others believe technology is a way to solve these problem. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

In the salad days of Millenniums, technology has blessed many things to human being but as well as it Emerge some major problems to Environment. The society is polarized into two graphs equally regarding to the notion that, the best thing to manage environmental problems, they should have to Adopt Simple living Style. In my opinion, Simple way living is not a solution for climate issues. The following paragraphs would shed light on the both approaches before making the final sheets.

To commence with the


notion that, there are myriad things in his favour of people should change their lifestyle.


and Foremost, people need to use public transport for commuting from one to another place in their daily intervals


of using Private Vehicle.

As a result

, there can be less chance of traffic problems and it is Cheap Source of transportation.


, human should have to plant some new trees around their local areas.


, there will be Reduction in carbon dioxide gas and the flora can


provide oxygen, fresh air to human beings.

Shifting towards the


school of thought, the masses cannot live without the technology.


, people should give priority to CNG, battery vehicles and solar energy technological items for travelling to Other place without using the petrol and diesel vehicles.


, the government and individuals should took best foot forward against the habitat problems.


, both can spread awareness by Introduce camps in public places and Advertisements on television.

Hammering the


nail, I personally believe that we cannot deny the merits of technology But Human_s should Need to balance between the easiest way of living and have to use in under some restrictions.

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