All over the world, the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer. What problems does this cause? How can we overcome the problems of poverty?

Nowadays, there has been an increasing disparity between wealthy and poor people.


, while riches_ patrimony is in constant


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, the poorest ones are decreasing.




discrepancy can lead to several issues in society. In


essay, I will discuss some of these problems and suggest solutions to mitigate the poorness.

To begin

with, only rich people are able to afford an outstanding


, which will be necessary to enter college, and as one thing leads to another, only the high-qualified people are more prepared to get the best jobs in the market.

For instance

, it is common to see more wealthy people in the most recognized universities and in the

highest paid

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job positions, while the poorer need to battle in life in order to even get a high school degree or a


line job. To tackle


issue, governments should change the


system, providing


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ree and good


for everyone, as it should be a human right, regardless of their income and background.


, with


a disparity, even in developed countries like the United States, only the rich can have access to the healthcare system.


is because the government does not support the people who need the most .

For instance

, poor


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families do not even go to hospitals when they need, as they would receive a bill which would never be possible to be paid by them. Wherefore, these groups of people end up having health problems for life and suffering from diseases in which a single doctor appointment could benefit them. To solve


issue, the United Nations would need to develop a plan to obligate countries to afford a public health system for their society.

In conclusion, there is an unfair distribution of wealth all around the world. As it can have a huge impact in


and health systems, governments and the UN should create a plan to tackle


issues, by making countries change the way they govern, and afford public services for every citizen.

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