Although more and more people read news on the internet, newspapers will remain the most important source of news. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, readers can obtain news through various resources. It may be argued that whilst the number of people who get the news via the online pages are increasing, the traditional newspapers are still the most crucial source to know what is happening around the world.


, I personally disagree and believe that the internet can be better, as it is more convenient, accessible, and free of charge.

The web pages have become the most effective method of delivering the information due to its accessibility 24/7.

For example

, in Egypt, in 2010 during the revolution, citizens used to get the most updated pieces of information through the websites once they occurred.


allows people not only to follow the events, but


to know their analysis from the activists.


, the internet can offer a better and fast service than newspapers.


, reading the news from the web pages saves money. A



arch done in “The Economist” in 2009, revealed that families usually spent around 100 dollars per month to purchase the printed news, but they can invest


money in a more beneficial way if they read the news through the trusted free electronic pages.

For instance

, channels like “The British Broadcasting Corporation” allows surfers to register without charge and send them the latest pieces of news through notifications to their emails.


, the importance of online news outweighs the newspapers.

In conclusion, some people may still believe that the printed news is more pivotal than the online web news, but

I person

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ally prefer to follow up on the events online due to its accessibility and free availability.

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