An increasing number of schools provide tablets and laptop computers for students to use in school, replacing books and other printed materials like exams and assignments. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this trend?

The transformation of the education industry in the recent past is very rapid. Many schools are adopting a new culture of teaching using digital devices using the soft


of data


of the hard


printed materials for tests and assignments.


has several benefits and


some drawbacks, which will be discussed in the forthcoming essay.

People who defer technological advancements believe that there are two disadvantages to encourage the usage of gadgets in the education sector. Primarily, they think, the excessive usage of laptops or tablets lead to health issues. During the recent, pandemic it has been observed that the number of cases reporting at the children hospitals,

for instance



as headache and eyesight problems has increased as per the statistics of the paediatrics department . Apart from


, learning subjects by book reading has an edge over the gadgets as it empowers the central brain of a child. It is a proven scientific approach from ancient times that book reading improves the cognitive ability of children to increase their concentration.

Having said that, the important advantages of


trend is increasing and supported by many people, including me.


of all,


phenomenon safeguards the environment by stopping deforestation as producing paper needs cutting of trees. The recent geological department_s article telecasted in National Geography channel, the percentage of plants destruction,

for example

, has reduced by 17% since the year 2018 because of increased gadgets usage.

In addition



, it is incontrovertible to say that the accessibility of information on these devices over the internet is at the fingertips. It is an indispensable fact that carrying the hard


books to other places is


to impossible,


, it is easy in the case of laptops which carries a large amount of information.

In conclusion, The majority of schools are introducing the culture of digital books


of hard


books for conducting exams or assignments. I completely agree and support


trend as it has greater benefits over the drawbacks


as direct environmental support and hassle-free access to the data.

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