Better driver education for better driving habits is more effective than heavier punishments for driving offenses. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Some people believe that strict penalisation can be a remedial idea for decreasing driving delinquency,whereas the opponents,including me,are of the notion of bestowing required knowledge to the learners before giving them the license of driving.


,some positive footprints of standard education are uttered here.

One of the most highlighted changes may be experienced,when people understand that they are judged by others as a person,who does have a considerable social level.

In other words

,the majority of the juveniles do not observe the rules to just make a parade of their abilities,which can be eradicated if they are enlightened the how others think about them.As a vivid case,nowadays,everyone has tried to alter their accent and


different vocabularies that assist them to pretend to be from a better social level,while used to


thing have not been as important as these days.


,in most cases, car users are not aware of the subsequent results of their ignorance due to the weak training classes that they used to attend.

For instance

,multitudes of folks are not informed about the blind spots of heavy vehicles,which is considered as the strongest reason for fatal accidents.Actually, small vehicles would not be seen by the driver of the trucks while they stock in the blind spots and owing to the powerful engines of the heavy-duty machines it is feasible for them to not feel the accident and continue their way.

On the other hand

,stress can play a critical role in tough conditions,when the people may not make the correct decision and ignite the hazardous incidents,


,it is necessary for the newcomers to exercise with the elderly more than before in advance to drive unconditionally.Based on the news,the rate of driving problems is drastically lower in the countries that utilise


methods for the juveniles to enhance their confidence to encounter the catastrophes that can occur on the streets.

To recapitulate,enhancing the individuals’ information regarding various situations in driving and


bestowing them enough experience can be a remedial idea to descend the irretrievable results of inappropriate driving.

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