Car ownership has increased so rapidly over the past thirty years that many cities in the world are now ‘one big traffic jam_. How true do you think this statement is? What measures can governments take to discourage from using their cars?

Transportation is very essential for commuters to travel from one place to another. Nowadays, owning



automobile is very common for commuters who lives in the city. Thirty years ago, owning a motor was possible only for rich people, but currently we can clearly see the flourish improvement in buying new cars. Some people concern that it might create more transportation issues, whereas other opinion that regime should bring some restriction to minimise the usage of own cars.

To begin

with, a three-decades years ago, the people who had power could have own cars to show their status in the community. But the current trend has completely changed, even the average salary holder could buy an automobile in the method of EMI (an equated monthly instalment).


, the company has offered various discounts and people can easily afford to buy a car at cheap price. Because of that, people should have more and more cars in their showcase so it causes considerable damage to the nation in the way of traffic jam.

For example

, if the company has offered half price on a car, the buying of cars should be more and more and most people are started avoiding government transport, they would like to use own cars it causes a massive transportation problems in the community.

On the contrary

, ministry should bring a massive restriction to control over traffic problems at the same time they have to focus on the innovative ideas to attract commuters_ attention. Because if the government provides a free bus – pass to every citizen, it would have possibility to grab people_s attention towards state transportation.

For example

, if the authority to increase the toll charges as well as petrol, it will have a chance to reduce the usage of own cars.
In conclusion, it is true that nowadays the usage of cars is getting more and more so it creates a massive problem in the community,


it has the possibility to control over the problems as power should take certain steps to overcome these issues.

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