Companies should provide sports and social facilities for local communities To what extent do you agree ?

It is always a debatable issue, who should be responsible to provide recreational facilities to locals. Some people think that private and non-governmental businesses should provide funds to facilitate the community.


, according to me, it is the responsibility of the government to provide modern amenities to people


as sports centres, gyms and other social facilities.

To begin

with, it is argued that as entrepreneurs are served by a society, they


should be needful towards the community.


, businessmen must spend a certain percentage of the amount of their profits, in developing local areas, which eventually, keeps people healthy and fit.


, if any, private company builds or improves any facility, it will definitely bombard people with its advertisements of products as well as services, because private companies are always aimed to gain profits.

For example

, in Mumbai, a famous public park, Sardar Garden, is built by the private company, which allures the visitors, by their attractive digital media banners.


, private owners are paying a huge amount of taxation to the government, which can be used in


developments. Levying more taxation and extra responsibilities of organizations, can do only harm than good. In my opinion, it is the responsibility of the authority of any nation, to think about the health of the public. Government should use some tax funds in developing hangout places. So that, locals can enjoy their free time without any distraction by advertisements.

As a result

, it improves the standard of living of common folks.


, improving local facilities, can reduce the strain on the medical bills, as people become healthier.

To conclude, private firms are already becoming useful for the society. So, it is the government, who is responsible in enhancing the quality of people_s life.

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