Computers havr changed the wat people study. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using computers as study aids?

It is irrefutable fact that we live in the modern era where technology has grown by leaps and bounds and affecting every aspect of life.One of the inevitable innovation of the technical world is the computer.


smart electronic device is helping in every section of life but, the most significant benefits are seen in education.


many may see


as a constructive phenomenon , it is


a trend with its drawbacks.Both the merits and demerits will be discussed before reaching a reasonable conclusion.



and foremost advantage is online education classes provided by the instructor to students who are unable to attend classes by going to the educational institute.There are


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application like zoom which help the digital generation to study.

For instance

, since COVID-19 started lots of schools are closed to maintain physical distancing and prevent the disease.But with the help of


pupils are able to attend online classes and perform in the examination.Due to the assistance of ,


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there is no loss of study and time.


, with


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you can gain more knowledge on the spot by searching online and you do not have to waste time going to the library and search for books or other resources.

As it is the reality that both positive and negative aspects are the two sides of the same coin that run in parallel.So studying from



have some flaws as well.

To begin

with, there are lots of distraction that affects the concentration of younglings while studying.

For example

, there are many commercials or endorsement online which obstruct the learning process of the youngster and


may create illusions.


, all the data available online is not reliable, whereas books are published by authors and rechecked by others before reaching students but on

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the internet

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anyone can share their views and sometimes content is vulgar which


have a negative impact on the mental health of learner.

In conclusion, it can be seen that


have their own constructive and destructive sides.It completely depends on the learner how they want to enhance their cognitive skills by following the right path or wrong path.

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