Consumers are faced with increasing numbers of advertisements from competing companies. To what extent do you think are influenced by advertisements? What measures can be taken to protect them

In the era of globalisation, nowadays every home has a Television or with the coming of internet access to advertisements has become very easy. In order to sell products various numbers of videos are coming up from different brands for more or less same products. Sometimes these have a major impact on audiences. In


passage I will discuss the influence they cause and measure that can help to safeguard us from it.

It is rightly said that advertisements are needed to aware people about new products, but now-a-days most of the different brand launch almost same products which confuses the target people.

For example

tea from Taj or naturals are almost same some say leave size may vary,


however however



the taste

remains similar which arises difficulty for humans to decide and come to a conclusion.


, all goods are not same as it is shown, it many vary a lot.

For example

, recently a friend of mine saw a pillow in online site and when she ordered it it was not as good as it was shown there, it was because of lights which made it amazing.

In addition



because of so many confusions and choices available, many people end up in buying something which they might not need in long run and will waste their money.

For example

now days we get shape cutters for vegetables, a friend of mine bought it but later she realized the shape which she was getting from it, she can have it with a knife as well.

It is high time and measures should be taken for



Firstly goverment

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Firstly, government
Firstly government

can launch some programs which will aware the society about various products and their positive and negative impact.

Secondly they

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Secondly, they



make laws which will punish companies if they try to sell fake products.

Thirdly it

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Thirdly, it

not only government which is responsible even people from their end can try to gather as much information possible before buying goods.

To summarise, too many advertisements can confuse and mislead society and


it is important for government and people to work together and safeguard themselves.

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