Crime appears to be rising in most countries in the world, especially among young people. What are the possible causes of this trend, and what solutions would be effective in reducing crime?

Illegal activity seems to be on the rise in most countries around the world, particularly

among youth and adolescents. Many risk factors typically increase a youth’s probability of

unlawful act.


consists of the inner motives,

that is

, the character’s historical past, and the

external factors which might be the society he lives in and the friends he associates with.

To begin

with the individual’s background. It has been displayed troubled home life is

the primary element in why youths fall into a life of crime.


is because the child who does no

longer has sufficient love and care from his caregivers could have low self-esteem, end up

lonely, and could quickly broaden anger and hatred in the direction of others because of his very

own loss of guidance.


, there are environmental influences that are including peer pressure

and the exposure of the mass media


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offending. Peer influences are relatively effortlessly absorbed due to the fact even everyday

teenagers have issues fitting into the crowd. To be accepted, youths tend to combine round with

friends of equal age or group, e.g., equal race, background.


, the media performs a

regrettably excessive position in those juvenile crimes since the outcomes of the programs shown

are absorbed in a short period.

There are methods to cut down those problems.


, the youths’ caregivers should

display their children’s reactions to anger, distress, and negative emotions.


, the

schools may have stricter guidelines and regulations.

For example

, whilst a student is absent, the

academics and teachers must take the initiative to tell their parents.


, society needs to

engage collectively to make sure that the youths of today grow to be leaders of tomorrow.

To summarize,


is a difficulty that has both intrinsic and exterior causes, and the

solving would require combined actions by parents, schools, and authorities.

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