Describe the advantages and disadvantages of living in the city.

Nowadays, living in a city is great. There are a number of benefits and drawbacks of living in an urban setup. In


essay, I am going to discuss these views.

To start with,


are more developed and offer access to public amenities. All around the world, governments invest heavily in building public facilities and infrastructures. These social amenities include schools, hospitals and community centres. Some of the best health facilities in Kenya,

for instance

, are found in the largest


like Nairobi and Mombasa. As


, dwellers are able to access high-quality education and health services.


, there are a wide variety of jobs for low and high-skilled people. Workers can be employed in industries, banks, hotels or supermarkets among others.

For example

, in Nairobi majority of the residents are working in the industrial areas, the city


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or the transport sector.

On the other hand

, insecurity cases are rampant in


. The level of high unemployment is high and

as a result

, unemployed youth engage in criminal activities. Like in Mombasa, young generations are selling illegal drugs and engaged in violent robberies. These activities make living in developed areas unsafe.

In addition

, environmental pollution is quite high. The rivers, land and air are heavily polluted


making the living environment unsuitable for habitation. The causes of pollution in


like New Delhi and Nairobi are transportation and manufacturing.

To summarize, urban dwellers enjoy the benefits like good transportation, high-quality services, access to employment. They


face issues like insecurity and unconducive living spaces occasioned by environmental pollution.

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