Despite a large number of gyms, a sedentary lifestyle is gaining popularity in the contemporary world. What problems are associated with this? What solutions can you suggest?

These days a passive lifestyle is becoming more and more popular contempt a big number of sport facilities.


essay discusses the main problems associated with


situation and propose some possible solutions to avoid them.
The main problems caused by inactive behaviour are obesity and various spine disorders.A growing number of body research shows that long periods of physical inactivity raise a risk of becoming overweight.


is because people burn fewer calories and easily gain weight.


a lot of studies show that sitting disease often results in posture and backbone problems.Due to constant sitting person is faced with problems like osteoporosis and scoliosis.

For example

.70% person has a scoliosis.
In my point of view, the best solution to


problem is promoting active lifestyles. In the


place, million of people remain less active because they use cars


of walking.That_s why, effective way to make people more active is to promote walking and cycling as safe and attractive alternatives to motorized transport.


, inactive behaviour is gaining popularity because nowadays a lot of people prefer passive lifestyle.So, a person needs to go to gyms and doing exercises.
In conclusion, leading a sedentary behaviour causes a lot of health problems, including obesity and spinal diseases. The most effective solution is to increase the level of fitness among the society by advertising physical activity.

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