Developing countries like Bangladesh should concentrate more on industrial development, instead of agriculture, to achieve better development.

Sample Answer 1: (Should try to diversify its agricultural sector but the country must have a long-term industrial strategy) , Developing countries have great potentials to accelerate their progress, and they want to achieve it faster, even if it means that they need to shift their economic focus. Though it is not accepted by all that a country can develop if it focuses on expanding industries rather than agriculture, I personally believe that a developing country like Bangladesh should have a well-conceived industrialisation strategy like Japan, China or Hong Kong to become a developed country.

Agriculture, undeniably, is an important sector for a country like Bangladesh where more than 70% of people rely on it. However,  agriculture alone cannot enlist a country as an advanced nation in this modern era. The industrial revolution has taught us that manual labour and agricultural products cannot singly improve the economic condition of a nation. And a country must have an export-oriented industry or great industrial hub to progress quickly. For instance, a poor country has to export several hundreds of tonnes of grains to import only a few numbers of modern machinery. This disparity will keep on enhancing if the nation cannot become industrially sufficient. Asian economy has already shifted from farming and fishing to industrialisation and no developing country can further progress without following the same pathway, as the research suggests.

While agricultural development should not be ignored, especially in countries like Bangladesh, industrialisation should get more priority. Diversifying the agricultural products and exports is a great power for an agricultural-based country, but this takes a long way to reach the top and with the revolution and rapid expansion of the industrial world, this has become quite challenging, in a practical world.

To conclude, an agriculture-dependent country like Bangladesh should try to diversify its agricultural sector to become self-sufficient in its food supply but must have a long-term industrial strategy to progress and become a developed nation.

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