Discuss on why people define happiness differently and how to obtain happiness

In recent years, there have been innumerable attempts to give definition and measure satisfaction in various contexts and pertaining to a wide range of disciplines.


, I believe


divergent comes from each person_s characteristics, attitudes, and religious beliefs. In


essay, I would like to analyse why happiness means diverse to each individual.

As a matter of fact, people in different generation have their own objectives and interests.

For example

, children are pleased when their parents buy them toys. Notwithstanding, for young adults, happiness may mean following the latest clothes and hairstyles.


, for senior people, having an admirable career and family may bring true contentment.


, regarding the one_s instinct, perception of satisfaction is going to be different. For those of people who tend to have a prosperity pursuing the monetary wealth and getting profit is a priority goal. They even sacrifice everything to achieve their dreams.


would make them happy in their life.


, others who see life from a different angle tend to spend more time with family members and friends.

In terms of obtaining exhilaration, we should consider that access ways to pleasure differ from one individual to another.


people should define their priorities based on their objectives and aims.

For instance

, people who tend to achieve tertiary school and wish to ascend the summit in science ladder require to make endeavours to accomplish their goals.


goes same for other people with different objectives.


, individuals should be realistic and avoid being too ambitious about their objective.

In conclusion, considering the fact that individual_s temperament varies from person to person,


, the meaning of being happy quite relies on personality. People should scrutinize themselves to set their goals based on their abilities. Being too ambitious may lead to disappointed, preventing individuals to attain a happy life.

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