Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. You should write at least 250 words. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

It is argued that ca

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re the most effective educators.


essay agrees that the best lessons are given by parents.




essay will talk about parents as role model and


, it will discuss knowing what is best.

The main reason why parents are the best teachers is children often look up to them as examples for their behaviours. Kids constantly observe their parents and emulate certain actions in order to practice them in real life.

In other words

, children are more likely to listen to their parents than teachers or other people because they perceive them to be more reliable.

For instance



infants have low sense of awareness, they tend to mimic whatever their mother says and do because they always interpret is as a good behaviour.

In addition

, most parents are more aware of whether or not a thing is suitable for their children. Parents, especially mothers, have a very strong connection to their offsprings because they are together from the


day of the children_s existence. In


way, an appropriate lesson can be given without di

sserving t

worthy of being treated in a particular way

he child child as it is instilled by a thoughtful parent. Bullying is a great example for


, even though teachers witness the incident


-hand and parents only hear stories, they are more familiar to what the children are going through because of the time spent with each other and


are more likely to give the best advice possible.

In conclusion, the best education is given by parents because they are seen as an inspiration by their offsprings and


because they can tell more about what is essential and what is not.

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