“Do you think extra-curricular activities are important in a student_s life?” Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience. Write at least 250 words.

A student_s life comprises of many various things


as studies, sports, and other extra activities. Other than bookish knowledge, non-academic ventures play a vital role in the complete advancement of a child. As we know, not all students are good at course, these actions help them to discover their talents. In


essay, I will share my thoughts on the importance of extra-curricular courses in a student_s life.

One major factor that a student should be encouraged to invest in extra-curricular exercises is the enormous rise in the number of health issues amongst teenagers. The sedentary lifestyle has helped in the expansion of varied problems like obesity and depression resulting in a lack of overall development in kids. According to different articles, during lockdown when children were not allowed to go out and spend time with their friends or on their passion, they suffered from issues


as being overweight, having less concentration, and poor eyesight as all they were left with online courses and maximum screen time.


, there are many students who are not academically successful. Participating in different enterprises not only gives youngsters a great opportunity to unravel their hidden talents but


, helps in the progression of different skills,

for instance

, team building, time management, etc.

For example

, MS Dhoni, the former Indian cricket team caption was always an average student yet earned a lot of fame as he followed his passion seriously.


, I agree with the fact that these actions are very important for students.


,it is undeniable that a child_s participation in these movements adds different advantages in their overall development helping them find the right career path.

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