Do you think that education and training should be completely free or it is better to require fully paid tuition? Which way do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.



modern era, one of the most serious issues is improving the level of knowledge and skills among people and especially youngsters. I firmly believe that it should be free of cost as literacy is the obvious right of everybody and




way, we will witness to upgrading the level of societies and less negative behaviours.

To begin

with, some parents may have not enough effort for paying tuition and if the government do not register their children free of cost, they will lose the chance of growing up in a suitable trace. So, the financial level should be omitted as a condition of enrolling in schools and we must have adequate seats in public schools for all students without any constraint. A good example of


opinion is about villages and deprived regions of our country, which the government established co-educational primary and secondary schools for them and

as a result

, now most of the children are living in these areas have at least the elementary literate.

On the other hand

, there are several benefits for both individuals and society with regard to decreasing illiteracy as teenagers are busy with their assignments and at the same time, their insight is going to be better. In


society, definitely, we are facing fewer criminal events by immature young. A survey conducted by an Iranian university in 2021, showed that the rate of non-violent and drug-related crimes among teenagers between 15 and 18 years old, fell drastically, compared to the


decade in which the proportion of literate pupils has had significant growth.

In conclusion,I would say, in my opinion, all fields of training and the educational system should be free of charge. It absolutely takes a chance for children who are poor, to continue their studies and have a better life.


without any doubt, it will decrease the possibility of committing crimes among young people.

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