Do you think the significance of English language as an international language will be lost with globalization or its significance will increase with globalization? What is your opinion?

One of the most conspicuous trends of today_s world is a colossal upsurge in the usage of English language in almost every part of the earth, thanks to globalization. There is a widespread worry that increased exposure of other languages and cultures will threaten the dominance of the English language,


apprehension is unwarranted and so should be rejected.

There are a myriad of arguments in favour of my stance, in those most pre pointed one is that thanks to globalization, the interaction between people from different jargons and diverse cultural backgrounds will inevitably increase. As English is already the most widely used dialect throughout the sphere, not only will it help people to communicate effectively with each other, but it will


be embraced by more and more people. Needless to say,


universal appeal of English will keep it in a preponderant position, as far as gaining more popularity is concerned.
Another pivotal aspect of


argument is that now English is the speech of Science, Commerce, trade, arts, history, literature, media, entertainment and what not. Unlike in the past, when the globe was not much connected without a common expression and so it was


to impossible to keep abreast with the latest happenings, nowadays English has helped mankind overcome all communication barriers.


, the likelihood that English will thrive, flourish and spread rapidly is very high.

In view of the arguments outlined above, one can conclude that the benefits of globalization in the proliferation of English language are too great to ignore.

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