Doctors in many countries say that people do not do enough physical exercise. What are the causes of this trend? How can the situation be improved?



day and age, Doing daily physical movement is a habitual exercise among modern citizens around the world.


trend is increasing the human immune system against any disorders of human kinds. While some people do not do insufficient physical acts because the majority of human beings work in offices and the developing of cutting-edge technologies. From my perspective, the condition is able to be improved by warning human beings about unhealthy lifestyles.

To start with insufficient physical activity leads to severe diseases due to office workers spending their priceless time taking a seat in front of computers and


advanced technologies impact youngsters_ lives.

For instance

, modern children do not spend time playing on the playing ground after school hours, they look like couch potatoes, and mostly watch television.


, Social networking sites are increasing in popularity among individuals.


, the lack of physical exercise leads to different types of diseases


as obesity and cancer.

Despite these facts, there are some suggestions why citizens should be encouraged to do more physical activity.


, magazines and books should be accessible for people to recognise their health and diet.


, sports facilities should be available in every corner of living accommodations and in working places for doing physical exercises when citizens are willing to do it.


, it is a good idea to organise a city or town marathon for residents.

For example

, the Almaty marathon is organized annually in Kazakhstan.


event inspires so many human beings to run or go for a walk in the morning or evening time.

In a nutshell, there are so many causes why human kinds do insufficient physical exercise since working and home conditions are cosy for human kinds .


, it affects so many severe diseases.


, people can do more physical exercises if it is required to do.

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