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The credit card is a ubiquitous advantage of the banking sector of the modern community in these days and it is a peace of cake to get it for an individual, who works in any field on a decent amount of pay. Sometimes it becomes a real hurdle for a person to repay the overly used money, but we cannot count it as a drawback of the card because it depends on a user. In my opinion, these cards are superbly helpful for someone in need, so advantages of it outweigh the disadvantages. The essay will discuss both facets of a proposal with appropriate examples and reaches to a logical conclusion.

To begin

with, the term of credit card started by the banking sector in all countries to support people with an extra money.


, the bank issues a it after checking applicant_s


history and financial well being that does mean that applicant is eligible to repay their




, when we urgently need money in case of an emergency, so it helps us to pay our bills while the user is unable to work and manage their expenses.

For example

, in Australia, if someone may have an accident and not have any savings to pay their rent or bills, so they use it.



on the other hand

, some people think that it is a significant issue to pay their


but it is depend their usage.


, people who do not know the purpose of it using their cards excessively, and


struggle to repay. Even though we know that excess of everything is bad, same as


overuse of an amount is horrible for person_s



For instance

, some banks, give a period of repayment, if someone fails to make the payment could have an adverse impact on their financial profile.

In conclusion, I think that credit cards have more advantages than disadvantages and these are an integral part of the banking to support people while their hard time,


people_s usage reflect its effect on individual_s life,


, it has too many benefits than side effects.

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