Eating a balanced diet is the most important factor for a healthy life or there are other ways to achieve it. To what extent do you agree

Today people have a lot of different food


as seafood, fast food, a vegetarian meal, cooking from various countries. Because of


, some social can become obese, heart disease and other serious illnesses. In


essay, I_m going to write about a balanced diet.

Eat different food it is good and healthy for us. But we should remember about the measures of how eating a meal. Some people can it without any stop and after


, they can be subjected to have excess weight. Social who have overweight will be undergoing to feel tiredness, fast heart heating, pain in the back and legs and so on.

For instance

, my aunt has overweight and she if often feel all these things. She can have shortness of breath when she went up by stairs or by walking outside for the long distance.


, she does not like doing some exercise or even just walking. Most of these problems happened because they and my aunt too did not do exercise and did not have a balanced regime.

Eating a rational feed, it is not only for people who have overweight. It is


needed for people like me or you.


of all, a balanced diet can help us to be more mobile, hardy, healthy.


, it helps us to feel good, happy and so on.


, if all humanity eats healthy cuisine which would be


balanced, it can improve all social to be very strong and hard.


, it can disease people to be ill and fragile to disease.

In conclusion, in my opinion, every person must have their special healthy regime which will be helpful for him. So I agree to eat a balanced diet.

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