Explain some of the ways in which humans are damaging the environment. What can governments do to address these problems? What can individual people do

Our earth is dilapidated due to numerous irresponsible activities of human beings.


essay will shed light on the major ways of exploiting our environment and the responsibilities of the government as well as people to tackle


grave problem.

The main threats to our nature are the air pollution and the faulty waste management. It is evident that an unprecedented number of factories and automobile emit tonnes of carbon dioxide and other noxious gases directly to the atmosphere.

As a result

, these substances cause global warming, and


trigger the domino effect of it.

In addition

, our surroundings are hit by garbage even more. As factories and people throw their wastes indiscriminately, these end up mixing with water, or even stinking the air.

Authorities can take some initiatives to alleviate these problems. Implementing strict laws on the factories and the vehicles to use technological resorts to minimize the carbon footprint. Now-a-days,

for instance

, the cement factories of Bangladesh are enforced to use treatment plants before releasing gases to the environment.

Moreover organized

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Moreover, organized

and well-planned management system could curb the contamination of water, leading to save under-water biodiversity.

As a citizen it is a civic sense to create awareness to resolve the issue. It can be materialized by prioritizing the public transport


of private, as it can potentially reduce the usage of fossil fuel,


decreasing the impact of global warming. On top of that, If we use environment-friendly products, it can certainly be a favour to the waste disposal system because unlike plastics, they easily degrade.

In conclusion, it seems that hazardous gases released from industries and automobiles are the principle reasons of pollution.


, by creating regulations and awareness, a state as well as its citizens can play a crucial role to address


serious matter.

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