Genetic engineering is a dangerous trend. It should be limited. Do you agree or disagree?

Genetic engineering is one of the greatest achievements in science, which is constantly developing in the modern world.


, many people believe that


a trend is dangerous and it should be limited. I totally agree with


point of view because there are many unpredictable consequences that can be hazardous for the community.

To start with, many people assume that the usage of genetic engineering in a process of childbirth is not ethical. The development of


trend allows people to give specific characteristics and appearances to their children which can destroy humans moral values.




activity contains risks and it can be harmful to a child because dangerous toxins may be detected in parents_ blood.


, these experiments may harm people in both moral and biological ways.


, genetic engineering can lead to new types of deceases. In fact, the combining of cow and spider_s DNA, which is used for creating more healthy nutrition in milk, is extremely risky because nobody knows if the spider carries any illnesses. The results of


tests can be extremely terrible because a lot of people may get an unknown decease.


, if animals ate GMO food, they might experience health problems because it does not contain nutrients that are needed.


, a great number of animals will die due to



In conclusion, genetic engineering is a successful sphere where people achieved great results, but it has negative effects on both animals and people_s lives. In the result,


development must be restricted before it is too late.

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