Governments should spend more money on railways rather than roads. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In the recent years, transportation has become an important concern for the governments. The question is whether governments should allocate more budget to railways or building more roads. In my opinion, there should be more rail tracks and trains rather than roads. I will amplify


argument by using some suitable examples before drawing a reasoned conclusion.

To begin

with, the speed of trains is a factor of utmost importance which has led to foster the need of railways.

In other words

, trains can cover long distances in a short time. It is due to the reason that trains have a clear track and they do not have to face any blockages like automobiles do on the roads. According to a recent research conducted by the Transportation Department of Norway, the people of Norway could able to save 3 hours of their commute due to the trains.


, railways are


contributing several positive effects to the environment.


is to say that adding more trains is resulting in lesser number of vehicles on the road.

As a result

, carbon dioxide and other toxic gases emitted by the combustion engines, the major cause of the air pollution, are decreasing. The head of the Department of Environmental Sciences in South Wales University, Prof. Jarrett Fisher states in their recent research that adding the number of trains in the railways is ultimately reducing the amount of carbon dioxide and ammonia in the air.
To conclude, by


consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning

the above-mentioned argument, it can be shown clearly that it presents a solid evidence.


, if governments invest more in railways than roads, it will be a welcome move and ultimately people will enjoy fast and affordable transportation along with a pollution free environment.

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