Human activity has had a negative impact on plants and animals around the world. Some people say that it is too late to do something while others think that actions can be taken to improve the situation. Discuss both sides of the view and give your opinion.

As economies and populations grow, certain areas become polluted, which adversely affects the ecosystem as a whole. It is true that pollution has become a sensitive topic being widely spread and discussed. While some people assert that it is too late to save the environment, I believe that we still have time to take the necessary measures.

Some people think that it is too late to take measures in order to save our planet. They think so because many animals have already gone extinct.

For example

, deforestation, below water and on land pollution already have detrimental impacts on the environment, causing


issues as global warming, species extinction, and etc.


clearly shows the depth of the negative effects of our actions on nature.


, In my opinion, governments and individuals still can take actions to address environmental issues.


, governments should strictly ensure that laws and regulation concerning environmental protection are enforced.


measure may help to prevent illegal fishery, illegal hunting by individuals; carbon dioxide emissions by businesses.


, individuals should be aware of their own impact on the environment.

For instance

, they can go solar by transitioning to solar energy, or they can boycott the products of companies known to pollute.


, businesses will be forced to go green in order to cater for the demand.

Overall, humanity still has time to cope with the environmental threat.


, I believe that issues should be addressed globally, as the negative outcomes may have an impact on the ecosystem as a whole.

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