In many countries, an increase in crime has been blamed on violent images in television, computer games and computer. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Fast-paced advancement in technology has brought new issues to society. Though In many regions, some blame an increase in criminal activities on violent figures shown on television, computer


and the internet.


many individuals agree with


idea, many others think against it.

Those who agree with


idea, which is blaming the violence on media, say that some movie characters can become role models and have a negative influence on youngsters.

For example

, the Money Heist series can motivate some individuals to rob a bank, because,


movie has shown an illegal activity like robbing a bank to be rewarding.


, violent content like aggressive


and movies can increase the aggression in their users.


as the Mortal Kombat game which is one of the most aggressive


with many players around the world.

On the other hand

, some other individuals don_t blame TV and video


for an increase in the number of crimes. In fact, they suggest that the rise in the sum of illegal activities is not necessarily caused by media.

For instance

, poverty can encourage people to turn to crime in order to feed their families.

In addition

, the government is the one who is responsible for


rise, because, they must provide economic and social security to prevent crimes.


as educating kids and parents to prevent them from becoming criminals.

In conclusion, movies that are shown on TV and some video


can have a negative impact on youngsters so they may become criminals,


, poverty is the main reason why people turn to criminals. In my opinion, the government must take immediate action to support the poor and reduce the number of crimes.


, European countries have been significantly reducing criminal activities by supporting the poor.

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