In many countries, children are becoming overweight and unhealthy. Some people think that the government should have the responsibility. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Now a day, Children are especially trained for the studies and try to get best results due to


young people are sticking to their academics and facing obesity problems lack of proper exercise. Some others argue that the government should abide and take responsibility.We will be discussing the both sides and which will be elucidated in



To commence with, Offsprings are more obsessed with studies and video games.


, children are not aware of physical exercise.

For instance

, After completing the school they are likely involved in the video games and spending some time on T.V due to


child facing lack of interaction with family

However parents

Accept comma addition
However, parents

should not encourage the students to follow these activities and guide them about outdoor games like cricket, running which is more helpful for controlling weight.


type of activities keep children stay active.

On the other hand

, the Government should prepare the schedules for the sports and not allowing children to study full time.They should pass notification to all the schools to follow up.To exemplify, the Government should conduct some competition in sports which inspires children to participate.


should include prize money


.By following

this children

these children
this child

easily can eradicate obesity problems and stick to proper health and try to minimize junk food.Parents should provide specific food which controls the obesity.

To sum up, Young people are showing very enthusiasm for the indoor games rather than outdoor games.
Parents should monitor the children_s diet and try to avoid junk food. Children should be aware of fatness problems

In addition



, People should always show more interest in exercising equipment and government should follow whether schools are conducting the sports or not. The government should impose more tax on junk cuisine


conjunction used in comparatives

children try to avoid eating those.

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