In many countries, people would rather rent a house instead of buying one. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of renting

These days, many people have a tendency of renting a living space


of owning it. It is very clear that there are both benefits and drawbacks to renting an apartment. In


essay, I will discuss both perceptions with relevant reasons and examples.

On the one hand, renting a flat is able


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show examples

benefit those who have to move from place to place very often.


means that it is more convenient for them to rent a flat just for a certain period of time,

for example

, six months or a year rather than having to buy a home everywhere they have to move.


, apartment rentals are extremely effective for those who cannot afford to buy a mansion on their own. For those people, apartment rents are the only opportunity to be able to have their own space.

On the other hand

, renting can be regarded as an additional expense for households.


explains that if the families do not need to pay for the rental fee, they can use that money on other effective areas like family gatherings, group trips, etc…


, the decoration and repairment the people are allowed to do are limited since the houses are not theirs which means they will never consider the house as their own.

In conclusion, it is obvious that renting a place has both positive and negative situations. In my opinion, I believe that the families need to save money enough to buy houses on their own while they have to live in rental places.

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