In many countries, the widespread use of internet has given people more freedom to work or study at home instead of traveling to work or college. Does the advantage outweigh the disadvantage.

In recent times, the usefulness of the


can not be overemphasized worldwide. Many individuals are of the opinion that


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the internet

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is beneficial as it gives people the liberty to work or learn from their houses and not necessarily embarking on a journey to their offices or schools. Admittedly, it makes life less stressful.


, despite


advantage, it has a devastating disadvantage as a poor


can be a major challenge.

  On the one hand, many individuals think that the use of the


makes living easier as we can work from home and even have lectures online from anywhere.


is because we have the privilege to stay in our comfort zones and enjoy controllable environmental conditions.

For instance

, during the COVID 19 lockdown, all students were forced to stay at home to hold classes, study showed that the students_ success rate increased by 35% due to the fact that they had little stress and


, had more time to read.


, in spite of


, its disadvantage outweighs the advantage as no activity can be performed on the


if the


is bad.


On the other hand

, some people including myself believe that working or studying from an individual_s residence can be disadvantageous especially when the cyber is faulty. It is due to the fact that there will not be any form of connection to the other end when there is a weak


, thereby preventing learning and working processes. To buttress


, in research carried out at the University of Lagos, they found out that 75% of the nursing students missed the


three lectures when an online class was put on a trial due to bad


coverage. From the aforementioned example, it is apparent that the downside of the use of the


to study surpasses its positive effect.

  In conclusion, the usage of the


provides people with the opportunity to perform their jobs and study from the house. The disadvantage supersedes the advantage as a poor cyber will disrupt any activity online.


, virtual classes and work should be encouraged.

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