In many developing nation, the rush to become industrialized has created major problems with air and water quality. What are the problems that this has brought about and offer some solutions to these problems?

Industrialization is an integral part of the development of any nation. In developing countries, industries are increasing at a rapid



as a result

the quality of air and water has been impacted. In


essay, I delve into the problems and will offer some solutions which aroused due to the industrialization in developing countries.

The major problems caused by the incremental industry


are the elevated pollution level and weakening of peoples_ health. Industrial waste that has been disposed of in the air and the rivers, deteriorate the climate and the drinking water.

In addition



, weather in the world is changing at a rapid


and impacting the life of all living beings.

As a result

, humans are getting various diseases and not able to spend a healthy life.

For example

, from the past two decade lifespan of a normal human has been decreased by 10%.

The possible solutions to these problems are the self-realization of the industry owners and improvement of government policies. If companies themselves implement the water and air treatment plants before disposing the industrial waste, will help the environment to a great extent.


, government can


impose strict rule and penalties to the organizations who do not comply with the quality standards. Both these measures are effective in order to reduce the environmental problems.

In conclusion, pollution and human health are the two major problems due to industrialization and these can be overcome by taking the steps by the owners of industry either by themselves or through government bans. It is predicted that if the pollution


will grow in


frequency, human lives will be in danger.

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