In some cities and towns all over the world the high volume of traffic is a problem. What are the causes of this and what actions can be taken to solve this problem?

Globally, traffic congestion is becoming a serious issue in metro cities and towns. The main reasons for the problems are the inefficient


and the increasing number of private cars on


. Fortunately, these could be tackled effectively by increasing taxes and constructing new roadways or parallel structures.


, many


in the big cities have not been constructed to accommodate soaring traffic. Due to


, during rush hours, the narrow lanes often tend to be congested, and vehicles hardly find a way to go smoothly. In Mumbai, lanes that are currently used were built by the British rulers more than two centuries ago and these are insufficient to meet the growing demand,

for instance



, since many people prefer to travel in their own cars


of depending on public transportation, the trend has


worsened the scenario even



Despite the above-mentioned problems, these ought to be curbed by adopting sets of new strategies. The obvious one could be imposing extra taxes on private automobiles, eventually, not only reduce them but the taxed people may start using public transports as well.


, in order to combat heavy traffic, the government need to allocate funds to construct under and over passages, along with tube services, to reduce the volume.


has been a proven method adopted by many western countries


as Australia, the USA, Canada and so on. I,


, firmly believe that these two steps will minimise the hurdle effectively.

In conclusion, congestion on


is severe in many busy cities and towns. Levying carbon taxes and constructing flyovers or underground transportations would reduce the increased volume of vehicles resulting from private car ownership and narrow lanes.

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