In some countries, there are fewer young people who listen to or play classical music these days. Why is this? Should young people be encouraged to play or perform classical music?

Nowadays musical preferences are going through changes among young people and


issue has become quite controversial. In


essay, I would like to identify the causes of


situation and propose some corresponding solutions.

The central reason behind the decreasing interest of the younger population in classical


is the fast pace of life caused by technological progress. Traditional classical


is being replaced by the

so called

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fast-food entertainment offered by youtube and other streaming services.

As a result


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the younger

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generation can no longer appreciate more complex sophisticated compositions due to shorter attention span. In response to



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new musical genres are being created and gain lots of popularity.

At the same time, classical


has not lost its relevance through the centuries, so classical


is a part of our cultural heritage, which must be protected.

For example

, the American Psychological Association conducted a study that showed the positive impact of classical


on mental development in infancy. Namely, children who listen to the works of Mozart are 17% calmer than their peers and 30% more show curiosity about the world.


, by encouraging the interest of young people in the classics, society preserves its cultural heritage and benefits from its positive aspects.

In conclusion, I would like to note that classical


is certainly an object of cultural heritage that must be preserved for the benefit of society. But at the same


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it is predicted that new tendencies in art and


will become more influential amongst future generations.

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