In some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough. What are advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?

Children need motivation from their adults. A few people argue that advising the younger generation to work hard in order to reach their goals is advantageous. I will discuss both drawbacks and positive effects of



To begin

with, the youth need motivational quotes to succeed in life. Teenagers, nowadays, are often facing failures


might feel very impatient, and have a constant wish to give up. Giving their offspring an emotional push is the basic role of parents in these kinds of situations.

For example

, few children who aim to learn basketball get scared because they once fell and hurt their knees. They won_t make any more trials as they remember their pain, it is ,


, a necessity to try again.


, persuading the younger generation to continue their effort is the main message adults are supposed to teach them.


, to notify kids they can achieve anything by trying vigorously will stress them out. Some children have better capacities than others


as drawing or playing sports.

For instance

, in China, toddlers are trained to practise karate every day. Performing a lot of exercises can be unhealthy and cause early heart attacks.

In addition

to the above, kids can feel inferior and doubt their capacities seeing that they don_t succeed despite making many great efforts.

To summarise, there are as many advantages as drawbacks to giving


advice to the youth.


, they ought to be encouraged to work hard in order to achieve success in life.

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