In some place, old age is valued, while in other cultures youth is considered more important. Discuss both views and give your opinion

Regardless of


modern era, older people are considered to be an indispensable part of the population in a few countries;


, others give importance to their younger ones. In


essay, I will discuss the viewpoints of both sides and opine that, for some reason, youngsters play a more significant role in building a resilient nation than elderlies.

Many claims that senior citizens, who are not only more experienced but


knowledgeable, are the treasures of a state. By directing the coming generations for a better future, they become crucial for national development. Notably, cultures and history can only be retained through long-living humans, as they are always connected with their s.

For instance

, if Japan had not taken care of their old monks, it would not have been possible for them to preserve their traditional values, which are envied by most western countries.



, others, including myself, would term adults of demography as the backbone of an economy. Why the most companies, even the armies, recruit youth rather than old hands? Undoubtedly, they possess some extraordinary human traits


as passion, energy, motivation, and not but least calibre. Apart from


, the more educated and technically sound adults a nation has, the better its fiscal status will be.

For example

, for boys and girls working in the IT sector, the national foreign reserves have enormously increased since they are getting paid in dollars and pounds in return for their overseas services.

In conclusion,


both generations are of equal importance, I believe that youth, definitely, is considered paramount as compared to older people because they are nation builders.

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