In the future, nobody will buy printed paper or books because they will be able to read everything they want online without paying. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The advent of the


has transformed dramatically the way we get information. It often argued that reading materials are going to be available online for free in the coming years.


essay will discuss why I completely agree that people will be able to read whatever they want through the


at no charge.

There are few communities believe that online materials can not replace the actual one,


the majority of the population are inclined to download all the documents they need from the


without wasting their money. These minorities think that the hard papers are more authentic and trustworthy than those soft copies , which means they would provide a high quality of knowledge.

For example

, most of the scientific researchers are still using real academic books to validate their studies.


can be a reasonable reason to believe that the printed publications are resourceful and valuable , but they might be expensive to acquire them.

Despite the advantages of purchasing the hard papers , their merits will start to vanish inevitably when people can find them easily on the


without charging any fees. Nowadays, any person could look for any pieces of information, reports or news online at their convenience time and place


of spending hours searching for a particular book at the library.

For instance

, most of the college students can find their courses books on a website called Scribd , which means they do not have to pay books_ fees for their institutions.

In addition

, The advancement of the


has empowered people to upload their favourite topics, knowledge and stories so that the others could benefit from these materials as well.


, books ,newspapers and other hard papers will have certainly no chance to stand against


foreseeable direction.

To sum up , many people predict that they are going to read anything they want online


of getting the actual reading resources from a shop. In my opinion, I think that


trend is going to be more evident in the


years due to its immense benefits for the public.

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