In the future, the main reason for going to the shopping mall will be for entertainment, not to shop. Do you agree or disagree?

Shops are mainly for shopping. But nowadays we can do a lot of activities in the shops. We sometimes go there only to eat food. Now some shops are being made to that trend. Some people believe that customers are going to all shops for entertainment, not buy anything. I agree to some extent. In an essay, I am going to provide to my view.
Now most people enjoy shopping online. But it is not convenient and give more time. Because you have to wait for delivery for several days and sometimes goods are not what you want. In spite of these drawbacks, people want to it. So shops which we can do most activities are being organized to recruit people to emporium there. Because the salesmen know that people want to meet with friends and talk about a lot with a cup of coffee. After that, they especially women enjoy shopping. In another way, shops profit a lot. Because they win two sides, customers pay to relax and chain.
Nowadays some malls have community to eat, children_s play areas and others. The restaurant_s foods of there are very cheaper than other restaurants and make faster than other foods. I think the trend will increase. Swimming pool, cinema, gym, dance square, museum and so on will be built in the future.
There are some shops which they are not changed. They are only for shopping. Because their place is not large, so there are not places for entertainment. But they have enough customers, enough benefit.
I believe that there will be the neighbourhood for entertainment in other shops, but not all. People will go to the emporium to relax and enjoy taking or meeting friends and family, and shopping too.

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