Is technology limiting creativity? Discuss your opinion

Since the lifestyle of the people has been changed from few years. Without any doubt machinery has made life more convenient as compared to the used in different ways, including communication, transport, and other things, but not ignored their drawbacks which are rising like pollution, unemployment, and unhealthy lifestyle.While in my opinion, there are more negative of it than positives, which these points will be elaborated in the subsequent paragraphs with suitable examples.

One of the major benefits of automation is that it assists to save time, because with the help of different machines easy works can do within minutes than allocating hours. To epitomize, by using the washing machine my mother spends a few minutes for cleaning the clothes, saving time which is not possible for without the machine. In the busy life difficult for mass spending time with family, but by automation it has become easy for human beings.


, there is a plethora of benefits, but not ignore the drawbacks of the machinery. Folks have become lazy owing to, they don_t like to do those works, which require physical energy, as a consequence encounter a plenty of health ailments. To illustrate, the majority of children are watching movies, playing video games than going to ground than they are becoming a fatty. If a person doesn_t do any physical workout than face more health issues.

What is more, the problem of unemployment is mushrooming sharply in modern scenario. Most of companies are taking help from robots along with, use different types of machines, which replace workers, need of employees have dropped They hired fewer workers who can repair the machines. It is published in the article about 75% of not received their jobs after using automatic ways. Overall, if all companies use machines than poverty will rise double few years.

To conclude, even though unhealthy lifestyle and unemployment, both problems are created by technology. If individuals are not dependents on pronoun compared cons

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