It is believed that students at schools and universities can learn better via technology rather than with teachers. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Technology based


has become increasingly popular these days. Some people argue that online studies are far better than traditional teaching methods.


I agree that online


has a myriad of benefits, the role of conventional learning in


is unavoidable.


, in


fast paced world, web-based


is significantly convenient, especially because it provides a unique opportunity for students to attend the classes from anywhere, irrespective of the location or time zone. Being able to connect virtually, they can save a tremendous amount of time in their lives. Harvard University,

for instance

, offers a wide range of short term online courses related to Computer as well as Business Practises, which is beneficial for people around the world to earn a degree or diploma from one of the most prominent universities.


, few web courses provide the option for individuals to select their tutor from a group of teachers, who hail from various countries.


, the productivity of the online learning methods is questionable. In on-site teaching, the instructors can better evaluate their students based on their skills and performance. As an example, if a student has low performance in trigonometry, a teacher can train him to improve better by providing extra classes and


gradually he develops his knowledge in that particular area, which is impossible in an online system. Online teachers conduct the classes in a typical method which might not be fruitful for all learners.
To conclude,




offers a variety of course options and flexibility, I believe that only the conventional teachers can provide individual attention and coaching for students to mould them and to produce the best outcome.

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