It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. Do you agree or disagree?

It has been often perceived that children who grow up in the countryside tend to become more disciplined and kind hearted when they grow up. The relaxing vibes, the laid back lifestyles as well as the easy going of the nature of life there contributes to a better growing up for the children.


essay will discuss the reasons why


seems to be the case.


, these children are exempt from the newly arising technological threats. They spend less time on tablets and more time in the fields and nature.


logically makes them healthier and more dynamic; two lifetime qualities that



them well



the long term.


, the amount of information noise and the pressure of media is


much less in the countryside, hindering any indirect pressure as they turn into adults and choose what to do in life.


, lack of big corporations and startups in these areas removes the need for business

competition which

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competition, which

in its turn helps the children be more free to take their own decisions and look forward, rather than to keep their eyes on the rearview to check the competition.

Since, the market penetration of most conglomerates is much less in these areas, businesses tend to be smaller and more family oriented, which exposes the children to work and assist their parents since the early age. If the family has a sales shop, that would


teach the child to learn to communicate with others on a daily basis from an early age.

At the end, it really depends on the children_s education and the conditions they were brought up by their

parents whether

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parents, whether

in a city or in the countryside, but it is a known fact that a life in the latter is much more relaxed, laid-back and hassle-free. These all effect positively on children_s character while growing up and make them become better adults.

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