It is better for young people to get advice from old people than young ones. Do you agree or disagree?

According to some people youngsters should get advice from their seniors rather than their peers. I can only partially agree with


view. While I do admit that our elders are wiser and more experienced than us, they may not always be able to give advice

that is

appropriate for the age we live in.

On the one hand, our parents and grandparents have lived much longer than us. Thanks to the vast experience they have, they are a treasure of wisdom. Elders can be role models for young people who are still exploring the early stage of their




, young people can learn from the mistakes of seniors. Getting advice from elders prevents them from going astray and committing the same mistakes that



people have made.

On the other hand

, since many old people had fewer opportunities to receive formal education, their thoughts tend to be more rigid and traditional.

For instance

, my 85-year-old grandmother still believes in the conservative Confucian theory that women are inferior to men. In her opinion, women should stay at home and take care of children.


, many seniors are highly superstitious and refuse to accept scientific wisdom. Many of them even refuse to consult a doctor when they fall ill and


choose to follow some home remedies they learned from their parents. While some of these remedies have some scientific grounds, others are hazardous to our health and safety.

To conclude, old people are worthy of youngsters_ respect. There are always important lessons that young people can learn when seniors share their


stories. At the same time, their values and outlooks on


tend to be traditional and may not always suit our


and times.

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