It is commonly believed that nowadays main factors that affect a child_s development are media, pop culture and friends. A different point of view is that family plays the most significant role.

A group of individuals ascertain that various forms of media, recent trends and companions are the primary parameters responsible for nurturing the development of


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The indefinite article, a, may be redundant when used with the uncountable noun youth in your sentence. Consider removing it.

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youth, whereas others do not share the same view. They ponder that family members play a crucial role in a toddler_s growth. In my opinion, family inculcates morals and values in the behaviour of the pupils. Both the viewpoints will be elaborated on in the paragraphs



To begin

with the


notion, it is generally witnessed that toddlers are addicted to electronic gadgets and frequently use their applications and features in their leisure time. To illustrate


with an example, nowadays, mostly both parents are working and do not spend enough time with their little ones.

As a result

, they like to chat using social media platforms and make new friends.


, watch trending videos on the internet and play


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online games.


, it is quite evident that it will influence their mindset and their behaviour according to their surroundings.

On the


school of thought, it is rightly said that no one knows a baby better than his parents and the close ones. Every youngster establishes a bond with his family


before choosing his social circle.

For instance

, a little one learns by observing from family members around him like how they speak and act in


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different situations. In the same manner, all its blueprints remain throughout his growth as a way of living.


, it is family that plays a pivotal role for


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offspring in building his personality.

To recapitulate, there are many factors necessary that impact every kid_s attitude towards growth creating its own space.


, I opine that family is considered as a backbone for a toddler having at most importance in life.

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