It is commonly believed that some people are with certain talents for instance for sport and music, and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sport person or musician. Discuss both views and give tour opinion.

The world would have been a ghost land if all we do is to eat, live and die. It is assumed that individuals have inherent abilities on their inside in order to make them great in areas


as sports and music. Despite


, I believe that anyone can be trained to be as great or even greater those who have these skills within them.
On the one hand, talents are inborn.

That is

, individuals that have these unique abilities in them, do not necessarily have to labour to give them expressions. They are expressed with ease and joy.

For example

, the Punch newspaper described Michael Jackson as a legendary singer that ever lived. The beauty of his songs came from the depth of inspired skills without any thorough training.


, these inbuilt capacities are all that was needed

On the other hand

, I do not believe that the reason above is sufficient to explain success. Anyone can be tutored to be great.


is because as humans, we have a genetic make-up to be anything without necessarily being gifted. As long as the principles of discipline, consistency and hard work can be applied. The Psychology department of the University of Lagos reported that

Ronaldo Van

Accept comma addition
Ronaldo, Van

Peter, a less talented but hardworking player, had received more awards than the gifted Lionel Messi. He


to gain with effort


by undergoing the pains of discipline.


, he became a force in today_s soccer.
In conclusion, there are several factors necessary for greatness.


, the most essential is training.


pattern, if harnessed, would be the new pathway to the top.

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