It is not necessary to travel to other places to learn about other cultures of other people. We can learn just as much from books, films, and the internet. Do you agree or disagree?

The precedence of exploring the history and culture of other nations was always a hotly debatable topic has now become more controversial while copious people claim that it is advantageous to


to different parts of the world owing to acquired information about their ancient history and rituals. while critics argue that it is not essential to visit plenty of places because everything is available through the internet and social media. In my, opinion the formal propositions appear to be more rational.


essay will


elaborate on my views on the positive and negative impact of


trend and


will lead to an analytical conclusion.


, to commence with the


statement I firmly believed that in an effort to get know-how and acquire adequate information it is vital to physically interact with an area or place.


, many vloggers and tourists


around the earth not only to learn about their culture but


portraits to the wider folks throughout nature using social media. to illustrate, numerous foreigners


to Pakistan and have a range of conversations with an ethnic people that enable them to evaluate rituals and customs which is quite crucial if we get to know well any person


they tend to visit the art and craft sites and monuments enable them to learn about their past-time that can not be possible with the eminent usage of technology, books, and movies.


, according to the critics it is not vital to visit the places owing to because we are dwelling in the age of technology and modernization and due to information technology world has become a global village that_s why it_s not necessary to


to that place according to their school of thought every source of knowledge is widely accessible to the general public.


, according to the critics, it_s a time-consuming process




involved material costs that can be secured through the usage of today_s modern age.

for example

, plenty of youtube video is available about the China wall they provided data about whom it was built and to whom it was built.


, material-related info how long it.


, to recapitulate, according to the aforementioned points reach a conclusion that it is essential to


to a specific place in order to get to know efficiently for their customs and traditions which would not be possible through watching movies and surfing the internet relevant to them

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