It is widely believed that people_s ability to learn new things decreases with age and that companies should actively recruit younger employees who have great potential to learn. To what extent do you agree or disagree

Some individuals believe that the brain_s quality decreases over time for many reasons tending companies to employ younger people with more energy and passion for gaining knowledge better than older ones.

In contrast

, some of them think learning something does not relate to the age of someone, and it is up to their willpower and determination in the working environment. Both statements seem to be factual, and I will explain them in my upcoming body paragraph.

To begin

with, age is one the main reason that brain_s capability and efficiency has decreased. Some latest research on


issue emphasized that the brain_s cells are dying over time and have reduced the power of remembering things.

For instance

, NASA published an employment announcement for their institute to recruit younger throngs due to their aspirations, enthusiastic about gaining experience about the science.

On the other hand


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