letter of recommendation for the masters program at internationa universities

I am writing


letter to recommend Mr.


Kamma for the master_s program at your esteemed university. I have known him in my capacity as his professor for the past four years, in which I taught him courses


as Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer in the


and fifth semesters.
Through my acquaintance with his academic activities, I would like to say that his assignments were well-researched and met all deadlines perpetually. Throughout his course of study, Mr.


Kamma has shown great interest in practical experience and theoretical knowledge. I


had the opportunity to observe his seminars during the presentation of his project, where I have taken note of his diligence with work and attention to detail during these sessions. For his project, he chose a complex topic in which he has to identify the _Effect of Additives on Mechanical and Tribological Properties of Aluminium Casting Prepared by Green Sand Moulding Process_. As the team leader of the project, he was commendable in keeping the team motivated and guided them.


his attentiveness to the academic record, Mr.



participated in several co-curricular activities. He took active participation in workshops


as _Design Workshop_ which was held in Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University and _3D Printing Workshop_ that was organized by our institution Gayatri Vidya Parishad College of Engineering.
Considering his hard-working and motivation towards the subject, I strongly assure you that Mr.


will excel at his graduate studies through a broader understanding and experimental learning. I heartily recommend Mr.



(Hinduism and Buddhism) the effects of a person_s actions that determine their fate in this life and the next incarnation

for his Master_s Program at your esteemed University.

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