Many companies use advertisement to increase sales. What are the main reasons that make an advertisement effective? Is it a good thing or bad thing to the society?

Several companies rely most of their business on the advertisement to increase sales. There are a number of reasons to make propaganda effective.


, it is not always made for the common good. Society has felt many times the positive and the negative effect of advertising.


, the success of propaganda depends on the type of customer it is trying to reach. The traditional advertisement is the one broadcasted on tv, on the radio or billboards. They must be impactful with a fast narrative to catch customer attention and make them believe that the product is most needed.


, digital marketing has brought a new perspective to sales.

For instance

,companies are now able to deliver a custom video or picture of a commodity to a potential buyer

as a result

of big data provided by the internet and social media.

Even though the aggressive business of selling might bring economic benefit for establishments, it can be the reason for unnecessary consumerism.


, society suffers from what is called “the scarcity thinking”. It is basically the fear of unfulfilled needs.

For example

, if there is a product being sold only within 3 days, people_s minds are driven to buy it because it will end.


, companies are aware of it and they aggressively use marketing techniques to damage society in an unconscious way.

To sum up, propagandas are not always harmful to people especially when it is done in honest ways. Unfortunately, the free market causes


aggressiveness in the way companies to produce their advertisement. If it is too soft, there will not be any sales and

that is

what makes the income grows.


, customers are the ones paying for a product,


they must put on the scale if they really need to buy it.

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