Many countries are experiencing population growth, and need to build more homes. Some say that new homes should constructed in existing cities while others argues that new towns should be built to accommodate the growing population. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these point of view

It is the fact the world population is growing year-on-year, it is important that government should provide shatters for their citizens, few say that new home should be built in existing cities, and other says that new town should be built for growing populations. I strongly believe that a new town should be built to accommodate growing humankind, I will be discussing benefits and drawbacks in the essay.

To start with, since


two decades in few nations population has grown drastically, to providing a place for citizens government has built the new town with amenities like water, electricity, and swage so on. As infrastructure has developed in countries pre-planned neighbourhood is quite popular, nowadays neighbourhood has many benefits like walking track, kids play area, and other amenities, in many neighbourhood community groups are come together and celebrate festivals, take care of each other if needed.

On the other hand

, few say that society is built outside the cities which may impact the commute time, schools, college and hospital care in the centre in case of emergency it would be a problem.


, these big / small townships are constructed outside the cities clam and fresh air would benefit,


expanding the outskirts would have provided the personal space to residents that can’t be ignored.


, some believe that deforestation and maintaining the ecological balance is the issue.

In conclusion, increasing

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